A Very Busy Year

A Very Busy Year

It’s been an amazing year. In spite of COVID -19, new construction projects and renovation projects in the Greater Boston area and on Cape Cod have kept me very busy. I’ve had the privilege of working with several wonderful clients and some great industry professionals.

The interior design aspect of the building process typically begins with a review of the construction plan and blueprints, and then discussion, review and documentation of the budget and preferred specifications and materials to be used. In addition to interior finishes, I’m often called upon to specify and select exterior materials such as roofing, siding types and colors, shutters, door styles and finishes, window styles and finishes, and even exterior stone surfaces, deck materials, railings and lights. Even materials for walkways are important. All of those elements must come together nicely to create a beautiful exterior appearance. Even something simple like roof shingles are available in wide range of colors and should coordinate with siding and exterior paint colors. And, depending on the construction budget, a component like siding can vary from vinyl to cedar to fiber cement material. I frequently help clients select siding types, textures and colors.

I always view the connection from exterior to interior as an important consideration. For example, if a home’s exterior is in the beige or brown tones, I keep that in mind when choosing materials and colors when entering the home. Or, if a house has blue siding, I’ll incorporate a touch of blue as you’re entering the house. It creates a nice connection from outdoors to indoors.

For interior materials on new construction or renovation projects, I help clients choose everything from hardwood flooring/finishes to chandeliers, and all that is in between! That includes floor tile, cabinets and vanities, cabinet knobs and pulls, counter tops, backsplash tiles, plumbing fixtures, millwork and trim, paint colors, light fixtures and mirrors. When moving on to the home furnishing phase, I help clients choose furniture, area rugs, custom window treatments (such as draperies), window shades or blinds, lamps, art and accessories.

One of my strengths is that I’m extremely organized and I never let a detail fall by the wayside. That’s very important to me and my clients. They rely on me to keep track of all the project components and to get things right – and I do!


Design details such as lighting, cabinet hardware and counter top materials are key

Another view of items specified for a custom kitchen in a new construction home

Items such as counter tops, backsplash tile and cabinet hardware are carefully selected for each custom kitchen project

A family room in progress illustrates custom ceiling design and custom fireplace details