Beautiful Mosaic Tile

Beautiful Mosaic Tile

A single item or design element can often spark inspiration and give direction on a project. That was the case during a large scale renovation project I recently worked on. The architectural plans were all set and it was time to start planning the interior materials and finishes. During a shopping trip with my client to select tile for many of the rooms in the project, I came across a prefabricated floor tile mosaic that captured the look I’d been thinking of.

“This is it,” I stated.

“What do you mean?” my client asked.

“This is a great direction for the house…the way it will look, and the way it will feel. This is perfect.” My mind immediately filled with images of complementary colors and materials. I started to jot down notes in the notebook I had with me.

A salesperson headed off to get details on the mosaic. She quickly came back to us and explained that there were 4 mosaics in stock, with no plans for more to be available. “Perfect – we’ll take them!” I said. The client looked at me quizzically. “We’ll use one at the front door and three others throughout the house,” I explained.

And that’s what we did. The mosaic became the springboard for other tile colors, for paint colors and furniture colors. Each room in the house now flows easily into another because of a unified but creative color scheme, furniture selections that complement each other, and accessories that play up the casual and subtle feeling that began with the selection of that beautiful tile mosaic. It helped create a home that looks and feels just right for the client.