Braided Rugs

Braided Rugs

I have a fondness for braided rugs. Growing up in a traditional, rural home with lots of country accents, my parents had several braided rugs in various rooms and I felt like they were the obvious choice for area rugs. My brother and sister and I used to play right on the braided rug in the kitchen, using the center area as the location for a play house and barn, and the concentric ovals as the roads and fields. We raced many a car on those “roads”!

I especially love variegated chenille or wool braided rugs for their softness and their subtle color blends. Chenille braided rugs create a lighthearted feeling and can be placed in all sorts of settings – sunrooms, family rooms, kitchens, bathrooms – and all sorts of climates. A pastel, light yellow or light green chenille braided rug can look perfect in a sunny tropical interior or a cool coastal setting, and a vibrant red/brown/beige chenille rug warms things up and looks great in a wintry climate. Soft chenille braided rugs look really great in kids’ rooms or nurseries, too.

The wonderful color combinations found in braided rugs always amaze and inspire me.

Red beige brown braided rug

Multi-color braided rugs