Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration

One of the main design topics that I discuss with my clients is color. Choosing colors for a design project can be overwhelming for clients, and they often turn to me to help them select color schemes, most often for residential design but also for commercial design. I help clients establish consistent color schemes so that rooms flow beautifully from one onto another. That’s not to say that we can’t have fun with color and mix it up, too!

A visit to a client’s home or office will start the conversation about colors for an interior design project. I’ll draw out my client’s color preferences and weed out options that don’t make sense. For paint color selection meetings, I bring my paint decks with me and make suggestions, then order large samples of color options, and plan a return date to look at the large samples.

Some projects include a wide array of color decisions. For new construction projects or kitchen & bath projects, I often start with cabinet colors or finishes, then move on to countertop materials and colors, tile types and colors, and then wall paint colors. Paint color options are virtually limitless, so it’s smart to commit to color for the cabinets, countertops and tile first, and then pick the paint color. Every so often, though, a client will have a favorite paint color already selected, and I can definitely tailor the other selections to work with that color.

On the softer side, color plays a huge role in selecting textiles and rugs. I just wrapped up a living room renovation project with color selections for upholstery and drapery fabrics and an area rug. The fabrics were selected for a custom made sectional sofa, custom lounge chairs, custom drapery panels, and custom accent pillows. The client’s existing interior featured a basic nautical theme with navy blue and white fabrics and a white area rug. The color scheme worked well in the late spring and summer but looked chilly and unwelcoming in the cooler months. I suggested that we create a sophisticated and understated living room that would work well year round, with plush dark beige upholstery fabrics, a beautiful patterned drapery fabric in tones of cream, teal, beige and brown, and a beautiful dark beige area rug that features threads of aqua/teal running through the weave. Very dressed up, yet still casual too! The accent pillows feature brown, beige, teal and gray textures to complement the upholstery and drapery fabrics. The makeover was amazing and the clients now have a living room that looks warm and inviting year round.

The selected fabrics add warmth, texture and sophistication to the refreshed living room