Fresh Spring Colors in Design

Fresh Spring Colors in Design

Welcome Spring! Fresh greens, sunny yellows, blue skies, crocus purples – these are colors that usher in the season but can be used year round for beautiful interiors.

Soft sage green is one of my favorites for bedrooms or dining rooms, yellow plays well in kitchens, kids’ bedrooms, sunrooms or laundry rooms, variations of blue work well in just about any room in the house, and purples & violets can add elegance and drama to neutral interiors.

When you look at a typical paint deck, you’ll see dozens of variations of basic colors. It can be overwhelming to select colors and to know what’s just right. I help clients with dozens, if not hundreds, of paint color selections every year. From whole house projects to simple one room or two room updates, I assist clients with color selections, ranging from neutral palettes to accent colors. Paint color choices and specifications often follow other details such as cabinet finishes, countertop selections and tile selections, but sometimes a client will have a favorite color to start, and we’ll build on that.

I often steer clients away from colors that are “safe” typical choices, for example, blues that are too powdery or “baby blue,” or yellows that are too bright gold or too “lemony.” A color can be soft and sophisticated, or conversely bold and impactful, without being boring or too bright. Soft, wispy gray-blues or subtle, creamy yellows work really well combined with white or gray cabinets or millwork, gray tiles, white and gray quartz countertops, and dark or light hardwood flooring.

Green is one of the more flexible colors depending on a project’s setting and overall vibe. For tropical or warm weather settings, lime green is a great accent color. For traditional settings, hunter green or Kelly green are popular accents or room colors, especially for dens or home offices. And, for transitional or New England coastal settings, soft sage green or silvery gray green are great choices.

Purples and violet colors add interesting accents and pops of color. Light purples work well for bedrooms (especially kids’ rooms), and darker purples add warmth and sophistication to powder rooms, home offices or studies or master bedrooms. Neutral gray with a touch of purple is currently a very popular color for large areas such as foyers and stairways, family rooms, or kitchens.


Soft, silvery sage green works well in many settings

Light lime green creates a neutral and upbeat background

Another example of soft green. Looks beautiful with white accents!

Inspiration for spring

Fun furniture, art and accessories in yellow and green

Light gray-blue is perfect for a bathroom in a coastal setting

Fabric choices can inspire paint color choices

Beautiful purple creates a dramatic room setting