Gray & White Kitchens and Bathrooms

Gray & White Kitchens and Bathrooms

Gray and color schemes for kitchens and bathrooms are perennially popular. They’re fairly simple schemes to begin with, but building the right combinations of white and gray will pose a design challenge to ensure that colors coordinate well. Cool grays, warm grays, creamy whites, bright whites – so many variations!

I often work with clients to select color combinations that totally work well and that avoid a near miss. For example, if cabinets are a creamy off-white, countertops and tile should follow and should avoid a cool white or gray tone. If cabinets are a bright, cool white, the countertops and tile should stay in the same family and enhance the true white tint instead of fighting with it with creamy whites. Either approach prevents combinations from looking too yellow, dull or dingy (cool colors can make a creamy color look too yellow and aged, and creamy colors can make a cool color look gray, dull or faded).

Quartz countertops and tiles that replicate the look of Carrara marble or Statuario marble should be selected to complement cabinet and millwork finishes. There’s such a wide range of quartz colors and patterns available, so it’s smart to edit the choices to come up with just the right background color and veining color.

A carefully selected color combination will produce beautiful results. It’s worth taking the time and attention to detail, to select just the right materials and finishes.


Various gray and white cabinet finishes and quartz countertop options


Just a few examples of gray cabinet finishes in cool and warm tones

A good example of bright white and creamy white cabinet finishes

A beautiful combination of gray and white in a custom master bath

The opulent master bath features a nice combination of gray and white tones

Beautiful combination of creamy white and soft gray