LED Lighting

LED Lighting

I attended a seminar today on LED Lighting at Wolfer’s Lighting in Waltham, MA (part of the Boston Design Week program). Because I work on both new construction and renovation projects, I’ve been keeping up with progress and changes in LED lighting, but it’s always great to update information with the experts. The seminar focused on kitchen and bath lighting, and included important aspects of LED lighting including efficient energy usage, lumens (level of brightness) provided, color correlation temperature, color rendering index, dimming, and layers of light to best light up spaces (ambient or general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting).

Following a very informative presentation, lighting consultants gave a tour of the showroom to demonstrate applications of LED lighting in a kitchen setting and a bathroom setting, and also compared and contrasted different types of LED, incandescent and halogen recessed fixtures.

LED lighting has developed rapidly and is becoming more and more attractive for both residential interior design projects and commercial interior design projects. Medium base LED bulbs can be used in existing incandescent or CFL fixtures. LED integrated fixtures, with built-in LED lamps, are available in a huge array of great looking products and fixtures.

Polished platinum finish LED bathroom light fixture

LED ceiling fixture semi flush mountImages courtesy of Tech Lighting