Lighting Statement

Lighting Statement

With autumn here (and winter coming!), great interior lighting is key!

I’ve been working on a project that creates an opportunity to specify some really wonderful light fixtures. I’m able to include some big, bold fixtures that really make a statement, plus smaller fixtures that will play a large role in the overall design scheme. Fun!

Here are some fixtures that are in the running as prominent features in the main entry hall and stair area, or in the dining room.

Beautiful rings of light for an entry foyer or dining room. Photo courtesy of Visual Comfort & Co.

An elegant linear fixture to place above a dining table. Photo courtesy of Visual Comfort & Co.

A gorgeous and sculptural arc. Photo courtesy of Visual Comfort & Co.

Here are some all time favorites from a past project:

Great accents over dining tables or as pendant lights over kitchen islands. Dressy but fun! Photo courtesy of Foscarini

Featured title photo courtesy of Shades of Light.