Pillows to Personalize Your Project

Pillows to Personalize Your Project

This blog is on the less practical side, but I thought it would be fun to mention decorative pillows and how versatile and important they are. Pillows can personalize a project, bring in lots of fun color and pattern, and add a true finishing touch to upholstery or beds. Sofas and chairs are often upholstered in neutral fabrics and textures, and pillows add lots of accent colors and pop.

For many projects, when I’m helping clients choose new sofas and chairs, or reupholstering furniture, I’ll select custom pillows and wonderful fabrics, or I’ll select prefabricated pillows from some of my favorite trade resources. Here’s a look at pillows I’ve created or selected for clients.

Posh pillows add an elegant and comfortable touch to a plush sofa

Custom pillows in soft chenille texture

Beautiful colors and textures add interest to the sectional sofa

A great blue heron graces this pillow for a bird loving client on Sanibel

A fun textured orange and yellow pillow complements a traditional print

A simple but lovely linen pillow embellished with beads

This tropical print fabric was selected to play up a soft green sectional sofa

These pillows capture a sense of whimsy for a nature loving client

Subtle textures and a simple shell add interest to a serene bedroom