Quartz – So Many Choices!

Quartz – So Many Choices!

Quartz has been on the forefront for countertop material for several years now. Although named for a natural material, quartz countertops are man made, created by grinding up natural quartz, adding resins or binders, and adding pigment. The result is a very durable¬†and tough countertop, with low porosity (less porous than marble or granite) and a consistent appearance. Quartz is not a perfectly perfect material, and suppliers advise using trivets or hot pads to protect the surface and the resins. I personally have never seen heat damage on quartz, but it’s a possibility.

I’ve advised dozens of clients on quartz selections for kitchen and bath projects over the years, and even for fireplace surrounds and shower walls, benches and shelves, trim and jambs. Many clients want to obtain a light white or off-white marble look and that’s where some people can get bogged down in the multitudes of choices. There are so many options out there, but often, only a few options work so that they coordinate with paint colors, cabinet colors or finishes, tile colors, and other project components. The same caution applies to gray quartz colors. There are warm grays, cool grays, purply grays, green grays…and the challenge is to work with grays in the same basic family to achieve consistent and beautiful results.

For kitchen and bath projects, I’ll be there to guide you to a great quartz selection and a smart color choice too.

Beautiful Statuario type quartz replicates marble

Custom kitchen in Lexington MA with quartz countertops

Neutral, elegant off-white quartz

Quartz mellows under soft lighting. Looks great paired with a soft gray subway tile backsplash

Soft Greige (Gray Beige) quartz works with a variety of finishes

Cambria Brittanica quartz offers an elegant marble look with bold veining

Soft, off white quartz in a marble look with gold and beige veining