The Practical Side of Interior Design

The Practical Side of Interior Design

My past few blogs have focused on color families and color selection, which are integral to successful interior design projects. But, for many projects, I work on more practical aspects to help clients put together great results for new construction, renovation or remodeling, and kitchen and bath design. Elements of a typical project include reviewing construction drawings and builders’ specification documents so that I know exactly what’s involved in a project, making suggestions or recommendations to add to the specs or plans if requested or needed, and creating a plan or road map to direct how to best move ahead in terms of making decisions and selections.

To begin many projects, I often help clients and builders with choices for exterior finishes and materials such as roofing, siding, shutters, window trim, deck colors, stone types and colors, and even front door colors. This sets the tone for the entire project and gives us all a good sense of the design direction that the client will take. As we transition to interior finishes, I’m mindful of the exterior selections so that there is a smooth flow from outside to inside and so that the whole project feels cohesive.

For interior finishes, I work with clients to choose hardwood floor finishes, cabinet colors and finishes, counter top materials and colors, tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, lighting, fireplace details and materials, paint colors, cabinet hardware…whatever it takes to end up with beautiful results that fulfill clients’ wishes while providing practical and functional results as well. From there, we often move on to things that make a house a home, selecting furniture, area rugs, window treatments, art and accessories. One of my greatest joys is helping clients create a practical and special home that they’ll love.

Many details and decisions create a successful kitchen design


An elegant master bath vanity is the result of careful and creative planning


Tile selections play an important role in master bath design


New kitchen with beautiful and functional features in a fully renovated home