Wallpaper for Beautiful Décor

Wallpaper for Beautiful Décor

Looking for a home improvement or decorating project? Want to jazz up your office? Getting ready to nest and stay cozy while also staying safe and healthy? How about incorporating wallpaper to add color, pattern and texture to your home or office (or maybe your home office)? Selecting wallpaper remotely from home or office is do-able while following COVID-19 safety guidelines, or shopping in person works too, of course, if conditions allow. There are almost endless options available to shop for wallcover online or in person. A seasoned designer like me can help narrow down the multitude of choices and recommend the best options.A great way to try out wallpaper is to start in a small space for lots of impact. I especially like wallpaper in a half bath or powder room because it creates pop, elegance and beauty in a contained space. Depending on the pattern you like, the result will be anything from elegant and sophisticated, to bold and fun, to whimsical. I also favor wallpaper in dining rooms for lots of decorative impact, and in bedrooms to add a really personal touch. I generally recommend paint, and not wallpaper, for bathrooms with showers because dampness can cause wallpaper to peel over time.

One of my favorite types of wallcover is grass cloth. I’ve used a dark beige grass cloth in my own home office to add a tailored finish. I’ve used a gray/silver grass cloth for a client/s powder room with polished nickel faucet & bathroom accessories and an antiqued silver finish mirror. I’ve also used an eggplant colored grass cloth for a client’s library/study that created cozy and very sophisticated surroundings. The woodwork in the room was painted in a slightly darker eggplant color to play up the drama. What a great place to hang out, read, work or relax.

Speaking of libraries, a neat way to use wallpaper is to apply it to the walls at the back of bookshelves. Beautiful marbled “book paper” wallcover is very eye catching and adds a thoughtful finishing touch.

On a large scale or small scale, wallpaper is a great addition to home or office décor.


Wallpaper adds both texture and pattern to create more interesting surroundings

Grasscloth combined with metallic texture

A beautiful example of grasscloth texture in a durable commercial grade wallcover

Grasscloth and geometric texture recently selected for a commercial office lobby and hallways

Great looking metallic finishes for a contemporary home project